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Are you about to turn 65 and need Medicare explained to you? You’re not alone as most of our clients reach out to us because of the confusion of Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage Plans, Part A, Part B, Part C, Part D.

Approximately 10,000 people turn 65 every day and the majority of the them receive misinformation before their 65th birthday.

The increase in the number of television commercials related to benefits has left many people wondering what plans are available for them. Some of these advertisements mention benefits that are only available to those that meet certain criteria. Let's clear the air and discuss what is available in your area. Health insurance is geographically specific.

We first gather information in our call about your specific needs and help you to find plans that meet those needs as close as possible. There is not a once size fits all with any health insurance plan.

We are independent insurance brokers who can help navigate to find the plan specific for your needs.

So, let’s talk about the steps to take as you transition to Medicare in 2021 or 2022.

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Making the transition into medicare involves knowing what your possible penalties can be if you wait. You may experience gaps in coverage, be subject to penalties such as late Part B enrollment or late Part D enrollment penalties that can last a lifetime. This is why it is so important now to procrastinate and speak with an advisor today to know what your options are and what the process will be.

Your initial enrollment period begins the three months before the month you turn the age of 65 and will end three months after your 65th birthday. If you have been receiving Social Security benefits, you will be auto-enrolled into Medicare. If this doesnt occur you will need to enroll yourself.

There are some exceptions to this if you have been receiving Social Security Disability for 24 months you will be enrolled into Medicare on the 25th month.

Simply jot down the questions you have and contact us and will begin to answer each of your questions today. In the ever changing world of health insurance to get the most up to date information we recommend following up with your insurance agent semi annually to go over any changes that may benefit you. We want to hear from you.

Signing up for Medicare Part B Online, by Fax or Mail

You are already enrolled in Medicare Part A.

You would like to enroll in Part B during the Special Enrollment Period.

You can complete form CMS-40B (Application for Enrollment in Medicare – Part B [Medical Insurance]) and CMS-L564 (Request for Employment Information) online.

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